1. 化妝師守則、工具認識、妝前護理、底霜/調色液、產品認知

  2. 學習素描、光與暗的認知

  3. 粉底認知及運用、遮瑕技巧

  4. 修眉、畫眉技巧與面形配襯

  5. 單色眼影、眼線技巧、眼影種類認知、雙眼皮貼介紹

  6. 顏色理論及配對、雙色眼影(漸變技巧)

  7. 單眼皮/內雙眼皮化妝技巧、睫毛種類認知

  8. 眼型分析、煙燻眼妝

  9. 唇部產品認知及運用

  10. 胭脂、面部輪廓修飾技巧

  11. 日妝之示範

  12. 晚妝之示範

  13. 考試

This course is specialised for beginners who is interested in the makeup industry, essential knowledge and skills of professional makeup artist will be taught.

The course includes 13 lessons, 3hrs each:

  1. Working manner of makeup artist, knowledge of makeup tools and products, pre-makeup skin and tone conditioning

  2. Sketching, lights and shades

  3. The use of Foundation and Concealer

  4. Brows trimming, drawing, and designing

  5. Drawing of single coloured eye shadow and eyeliner; introduction to types of eyeshadow and eyelid tape 

  6. Color theory, blending technique, and double colour eyeshadow

  7. Makeup technique for single-eyelids and inner-folded-eyelids; introduction to fake eyelashes

  8. Smokey eyes and analysis of eye shape

  9. Introduction and Utilisation of lips product

  10. Blushes and contouring

  11. Day makeup demonstration

  12. Night makeup demonstration

  13. Examination

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